In line with Ghibli Raceway’s “Formula to Strive” slogan, Ghibli provides karts to suit drivers of differing sizes and driving capabilities. Our trained Pit Marshalls will judge the ability of drivers able to progress onto higher karting categories.

Leisure Karts


If you like high speed and sport activities, come to drive our Leisure Karts with your family, friends and colleagues.

Cadet Karts

Sodi from France, Japanese Honda engine.5 HP kart for children from 6,5 year-old till 9. Maximum speed 45

Cadet Kart Category

Family Twin Seater Kart

Family kart for 2 with Honda engine, 9 HP, for Arrive& Drive session on Cadet track, not a racing kart as the engine has a cut off to govern speed for safety purposes. Maximum speed 40.

Family Twin Seater Kart Category

Standard Kart

Sodi RX7, 6.5& 9 HP, the most popular at Ghibli Raceway, suitable for children from 9 year-old and adults, available on the all tracks for Arrive& Drive session and Races. 6.5 HP kart maximum speed 80, 9 HP kart 90.

Profissional Competition Kart Category1

Professional Karts


Professional karts produced by CRG, Rotax and other suppliers for the national and international championship.

Professional Kart

CRG, engine Rotax, 22 HP for Junior from 11-22 year-old, 28 HP for Senior from 17-28 year-old. Maximum speed 170. The driver must be experienced to drive a professional kart.

Standared Kart Category