Safety of the highest standards

The highest priority at Ghibli Raceway is driver safety. Ghibli has an impeccable safety record observing UK Motor Sports Association (MSA) standards firmly at all times

Safety Standards @ Ghibli Raceway;

Control Tower

In the unlikely case of an emergency our Track Marshals trained in the 1st aid assistance are located at the track.  During all races and events, a Race Controller is located in the central Control Tower overlooking the track and monitors controlling the progress of the entire operation inclusive of timing equipment and electronic marshals.

Safety Standards @ Ghibli Raceway;

All the drivers are to receive a driver and kart briefing, driving overalls, gloves, a balaclava and helmet.


As the last resort stray or wayward, drivers who are not following Ghibli’s obligatory safety standards and therefore represent potential danger to themselves and other participating drivers can have power cut off from their kart remotely. For safety reasons, children are sectioned off from the adult racers in their own individual Cadet track that can and is run independently from the regular Arrive & Drive and National tracks. Birthdays and special events can be organised to cater for their own particular requirements.