As promised from the start of our racing season, Ghibli Raceway has completed the Egyptian National Rotax Max Challenge qualifying championship for these years Grand Finals in Brazil later this month.


Please see below attached results for the Senior Max category and for the DD2 category, best 06 rounds.

Results for Senior

Name Position Total Points
Hussien Salmaan 1st 534
Islam Ahmed 2nd 503
Farouk Gad 3rd 500
Mohd.Al#bassi 4th 483
Ahmed Hassan 5th 458
Ahmed Kashwaa 6th 217
Bashy Amir 7th 157
Adham Fakher 8th 80
Wary Tatanaki 9th 78


Results for DD2

Name Position Total Points
Ahmed Natale 1st 529
Ibrahim EL Shenawy 2nd 516
Bassam Ammar 3rd 500
Nader EL Khayyat 4th 307
Monther Yehia 5th 164
Hany Soufrakis 6th 73


We congratulate Hussein Salmaan on winning the championship and therefore qualifying outright.

We also congratulate Ahmed Natalie on winning the DD2 category, however due to personal / financial reasons is unable to compete. Therefore the runner up, our DD2 Vice Champion, Ibrahim El Shennawi qualifies instead.


We wish both of our Team EGYPT Champions the best success and our best wishes.


Regarding Farouk Gad, whom finished (3rd Position & 500 Points) whom requested a seat in the middle of this season. We would like to confirm that whilst we put him on a waiting list (and was informed of this from the outset), however due to heavy demand none was available and of course we understand his disappointment and that of his family. We nevertheless wish him and all our other racers the best after a long hard season and wish them the best for the upcoming new season which will start in 21st December, 2018.


We should also point out that according to Rotax Max Challenge Sporting Regulations & policy “Rotax give their representative agents / distributors seats in the grand finals based on the number of competitors in the country, though we have relatively few competitors per category we still have a seat for each category that we field.


We will keep you up to date with the results and progress and Brazil of our champions….Please pray for them, they need your support…..