Ghibli Raceway Announces Appointment of Ahmed Ali as General Manager

The Board of Ghibli Raceway is pleased to announce the appointment of Ahmed Ali as the General Manager for Ghibli Raceway Sharm El Sheikh, effective immediately. During the last two years Ahmed Ali held the position of Deputy General Manager.

Having started his career with Ghibli Raceway in 2001, Ahmed Ali worked in a number of positions within the company, which allowed him gaining extensive sales and marketing experience in the motorsport and entertainment sectors. He was later promoted to Deputy General Manager of the company, a position he held until recently. Ahmed Ali’s proven experience, strong customer focus, high operational standards and commitment to people development will serve him well in his new role.

Today Ahmed Ali is an overall organizer of such championships as Ghibli Speed Challenge, Middle East Karting Cup and Rotax Grand Finals 2009. He comes to his new role of General Manager with experience in organizational management and development, strategic planning, and events organization and is primed to guide Ghibli Raceway into its next exciting phase.