Sinai CUP 2009

Ghibli Raceway, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt


Ghibli Raceway International hosted the first day of the Sinai Cop 2009, today the track opened at 7.30am according to Egyptian time with the two category drivers: Senior and Junior. Today the drivers are using the International Track.

The official practise started at 13.50pm, the competition instantly heating up between Heinrick Wason Miller, from the UK and Piero Di Marche from Italy followed by the rest of the drivers also on top form – its going to be a very unpredictable day…. Everyone is looking fresh, ready for the challenge and making the most of their free practise.

Heat 1# Friday 13th unlucky for some? Times will tell! This heat consisted of 2 warm up laps and 12 laps race. Artem Markelov from Russia flew from the start line taking a direct lead with Kancsar Ferenc from Hungary on his tail for the 1st two laps, it’s a tough battle but Ferenc manages to confidently take the lead in Lap 3, joyfully holding 1st place with the best time of 1.02.229 seconds. Artem was eventually taken over by Parth Ghorpade, from India and Heinrick Jon Watson Miller from the UK remaining in 4th position with a best lap time of 1.02.362 seconds. Parth drove well and kept Heinrick behind him finishing in 2nd place with a best time of 1.01.946 seconds, Heinrick claiming 3rd position with a best lap time of 1.02.132seconds. A much unexpected slow start from Piero De Marchi, Italy, eventually finishing in 7th place with his best time being 1.02.188seconds.

Heat 2# was another 12 lap session with a 2 lap warm up. Heinrick Jon Watson Miller, UK got off to a tremendous start with the all the other drives grouped behind. The 2nd lap saw Artem Markelov from Russia displaying his talent with a classy overtaking manouver and holding the position until the final lap finishing in 1st place with the best lap time of 1.02.281 seconds. Hassan Soufrakis from Egypt battling for positions with Savas Michael from Cyprus regained the lead several times is was unclear who would take 11th place, after some close racing Hassan finished in 11th with a best time of 1.03.832 seconds leaving Savas in 12th position with his best time of 1.04.019 seconds. The train of karts was left with just 3 in contention, Nicos Demetrio from Cyprus, Kancsar Ferenc from and Laszlo Marton from Hungary, as the last lap board was shown. Positions swapped and changed and eventually Nicos finished in 6th with his best time being 1.01.990 seconds, Ferenc in 7th place, his best time was 1.02.429 and finally Laszlo in 8th with his best time of 1.02.633.

Pre-Final Heat It’s a glorious day, the sun is glowing with a fresh breeze, all the drivers are raring to go with just 15 laps to go until the finals. The race got off to a nice start until there was an incident with the first 5 of the drivers, Laszlo Marton from Hungary 1.12.918 seconds, Sandor Jakab also Hungary, 1.21.918 seconds, Parth Ghorpade from India 1.35.009 seconds, Nikos Demetrio, Cyprus, 1.57.728 seconds and Savas Michael from Cyprus 1.32.763 seconds, when they hit the 2nd corner at the end of the straight in the 1st lap putting a spanner in the works for the rest of their race, lets hope they can make it up in the finals! Tarek Khedar, Egypt, took advantage of the situation to make his presence known coming in at 3rd position with his best time being 1.02.418 seconds, Piero De Marchi, Italy, glided into 1st position for the first time during the Sinai Cup with his best time being 1.02.590 forcing Heinrick Jon Watson Miller, UK to second with his best time being 1.02.420 seconds. Peter Toth coming in at 7th place with a best time of 1.03.851 seconds – come on peter!

Final Heat WOW, what a race! All eyes were glued to the track; there was real flow of energy in the final laps… Tarek Kheder, Egypt, Laszlo Marton, Hungary and Piero De Marchi, Italy are literally separated by not more than second, switching positions finally Laszlo takes 1st position with his best time 1.01.931 seconds, Piero coming in 2nd, 1.02.106 seconds and Tarek Khedar 3rd place with his best lap time 1.02.396 seconds. As for the juniors well they fought hard – Heinrick Jon Watson miller came out on top with 1.02.165 seconds, Parth Ghorpade in 2st place with his best lap time of 1.02.106 seconds and finally Peter caught up in 3rd position with his time of 1.02.795 seconds. It’s been a great weekend looking to some great action and competition for the Rotax Max Challenge Grand Finals 5th – 12th December 2009!


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