This Saturday, the 14th May, saw the main attraction of the two day event that was the ENRMC & SWS round 5, hosted at Auto Vrooom by Ghibli Raceway. Both excitement and focus among both racers and organizers alike was high. The service area beside the pit lane was awash with eager competitors hurrying to make any necessary adjustments to their karts, the air filled with smoke as the exhausts roared, camera crews were busy conducting interviews and finding the perfect positions for their cameras, spectators were gathering, the atmosphere was perfect.

With such fierce competition throughout the categories every race drew attention – from the Junior ENRMC to the introduction of the new powerful DD2 category, driven by the more experienced racers.

Prior to the finals taking place, the participants and media gathered together to sign a memorial poster, speak with press & media and take part in the driver’s parade, culminating with a photo session with all racers on the final turn of the track.

The event was rounded off with a superb prize giving ceremony held in the spectator area – the podium was lit up by the multiple camera stands placed before it, fireworks soared as the racers were called to receive their medals.

It was brilliant to have so many enthusiasts come together to enjoy the races of the two days, we hope this event will grow in popularity and aid the development of the sport for the future.

A mention to all our competitors:




# SWS ENRMC Juniors ENRMC Seniors DD2
1 Wessam Riad Isabelle Centaroli Ahmed Ghanem Bassem Omar
2 Mina Samual Rebecca Amin Tarek Khidr Zeid Nasser
3 Sherif Ibrahim Adham Fakher Omar Shama Ahmed Riad
4 Mohamed Wagdi Ali Akabi Hossam Areyes Shady Osama
5 Kareem Salama Hussein Salmaan Ahmed Sherief Ahmed Hashim
6 Ibrahim Sabbour  
7 Ahmed Hassan  



Thank you to all that attended, we hope to see you again soon!