Ghibli Cadet Cup winners:

1.Younes Amin
2. Sami
3. Shadi
4. Marline

Start – on the 3rd lap Marline passed Shadi, putting her in the 3rd place. The race was very intense as all racers were close to each other and in the 5th lap Marline passed Sami who had moved up to the second position. In the fith lap of the 7th turn Shadi overtook Sami and became on 3rd position. Marlene was pushing hard to overtake a young driver, Younis.

Sodi World Series  Junior winners:

2. Kareem
3. Salah
4. Isabelle

This was a very interesting  race, full of action, as all the racers were at the same professional  level. It was a great start with Salah who was getting ahead first (Salah, Rebecca, Kareem, Isabelle). The positioning remained the same until lap number 4. In this lap Rebecca passed Salah and in the 5th lap Isabelle overtook Kareem. The race ended with Rebecca claiming a victory, followed in 2nd place by Salah, Isabelle in 3rd position and lastly Kareem. Special mention goes to Rebecca who drove incredibly well! It was clear that Kareem was not as focused as other rounds leading him to take 3rd place.

Sodi  World Series  Senior winners:

1.Tarek Hayak
2. Moustfa
3. Hossam Wagdy

This was a heated race with all competitors driving extremely well on the professional level! A fierce competition between Hossam and Moustfa. Though action pact, all racers finished in the same positions that they had began in, with Tarek Hayak claiming first place.