For the Egyptian Rotax Max Challenge

Closing the years racing was the final round held in Sharm El Sheikh from 14 – 15 November, 2015.  Ghibli Raceway as the Official Authorized Distributor for BRP Rotax in Egypt managed to organize 6 rounds for the seniors and 4 rounds for the juniors.  

The final round of Senior Rotax category was full of adrenaline! First lap was a very good start for all drivers but in the 2nd Hisham Nagaa crashed so Ahmed Sherif got a great opportunity to pass him and Moustfa. In result, Ahmed became 3rd from 6th position (behind Tarek Hayek and Omar Shama).

In the 4th lap the positions became as follow:

1.Omar Shama
2. Tarek Hayak
3. Ahmed Sheriff
4. Hossam Arise
5. Moustfa S

This continued until the 7th lap.

During  the lap number 7, Ahmed Sheriff was doing his best and pushing behind Tarek Hayak and Omar Shama. In the 8th lap Ahmed Sheriff passed Tarek Hayak to take position number 2, behind Omar Shama. There was a large gap between Omar Shama and Ahmed Sherif. Ahmed remained hot on the tail of Omar Shama through experience and skill until lap 11th, on the 3rd turn in the 11th lap Ahmed finally overtook Omar Shama.

At the end of the race the positions became as follow:

2.Omar S
3.Tarek H

In the Junior race category, the competition between the limited grid of 3 drivers was fierce!  At the beginning Adham got a better start than the others drivers  and ended up leading the race from the first lap. In the 2nd lap – Adham and Amir were side by side, trying to pass each other and take the dominant line. In the mean time, Hussain capitalized on this by passing them both to take first place. During the race there was an issue with the one of the tires of Adhams kart. Due to this issue he continued the race till 7th lap, leaving only Hussain and Amir in the race with Hussain, in first place being closely perused by Amir. In the lap number 14 which is the penultimate lap, in the fourth turn of this lap Hussain made a small mistake providing Amir with the perfect opportunity to overtake and claim a victory.

In Junior Rotax the winners became:


Next year, the biggest changes to the Egyptian National Rotax MAX Challenge’s history to date will take place. We will have an additional 2 race categories, namely the Direct Drive gearbox DD2 MAX for the senior drivers and the Mini MAX entry level category for our younger up and coming racers too young for the Junior MAX category. Additionally we will be organizing 10 race weekends for all Kart Sport Development (Rotax, SWS and GCC).