Ghibli Management believes that by starting karting in this age, those kids have a very good chance in achieving high levels in the motorsport field, specially karting as it is consider to be the first step to Formula One which is now the most popular

motorsport in the world, many formula one drivers (if not all) started their career in a go kart track like of course Michael Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton. This is why we do believe that those kids can develop a new generation of Karting. 

(It is a sport that my son can also practice in Canada and can develop him self on it) Shannon Rose – Hossam’s Mother. Not only the kids had fun at Ghibli, parents also enjoyed Ghibli Atmosphere at GR Lounge where drinks and food served. (The atmosphere is very nice, great food & friendly staff) Ihab Fakir- Adham’s Father (Kareem is very happy practicing at Ghibli and looking forward for the next week practice) Amr Ismail – Kareem’s Father