Ghibli Raceway International hosted the ENRMC 2009 Round #3 on October 2-3 with Senior and Junior driver categories. Drivers from both categories showed an excellent driving skills and tough competition during the whole race.

FRIDAY, 2ND OCTOBER: Ghibli Raceway International hosted the first day of the ENRMC 2009 Round #3 today at 11 am according to the Egyptian time with Senior and Junior driver categories. During the free practice sessions Tareq Kheder, Maurizio Paterni and Ahmed Saleh showed an excellent start among the seniors. Hassan Soufrakis and his brother Amin competed for the junior seat from the first moment they hit the track. Though, in the last two minutes everything changed on the track – both Maurizio Paterni and Hassan Soufrakis fell out of the race due to mechanical problems. The qualifier finished with Tareq Kheder taking 1st place with his fastest lap of 1.04.336 followed by Maurizio Paterni and Ahmed Saleh. In Junior category, Hassan Soufrakis achieved the first position with the lap time 1.05.529 followed by Amin Soufrakis and Helmy Tatanaki.

During 2 warm up laps and 12 laps race of Heat #1 Tareq, Maurizio and Ahmed showed an extremely unpredictable competition when distance between Tareq and Maurizio was only 0.0.017. In Juniors, competition was mainly among Amin and Hassan Soufrakis. During Heat #2 things has changed since Maurizio and Ahmed crossed Tareq leaving him in the third position. Despite Maurizio was leading the race for some laps, Tareq was able to claim back his 1st place in the lap 9 and finished the race followed by Maurizio and Ahmed accordingly. Hassan Soufrakis became the leader in both heats.

SATURDAY, 3rd OCTOBER: It is the second day of ENRMC 2009 Round #3 and the drivers started their 15 laps of Pre-Final. Farouk Tatanaki joined the senior category. The Pre-Final witnessed the competition between Tareq Kheder and Maurizio Paterni for the 1st place in the finals when Tareq was leading during 9 laps with the distance of only around 0.0.037. Gliding between all his competitors Ahmed Saleh slipped into the third place. The newcomer Farouk Tatanaki was unlucky today, after taking a spin he left the pre final due to technical problems by completing only 4 laps. Helmy Tatanaki took the third position making a distance between him and Amin Soufarkis of only 0.0.421. Amin who took the first place in the Pre-Final session, although his competitor Hassan Soufrakis made sure his brother worked hard for his position, was keeping a distance of 0.0.061. The Pre-Final session finished with Tareq in the 1st position, Maurizio the 2nd place and Ahmed Saleh repeating his 3rd position. Juniors competition ended with Amin Soufarkis taking the 1st place with the fastest lap time of 1.06.137, followed by Hassan Soufrakis and Helmy Tatanaki.

We have reached the Grand Final 20 Laps! It was an extremely close start between Maurizio, Tareq and Ahmed, but Tareq, making his top lap time of 1.03.986 seconds, was on top and made a clear distance of at least 200 meters between him and the other drivers during the race – nothing could get past him. Maurizio took the second position with his fastest lap being 1.04.489 seconds while Ahmed Saleh made the 3rd position with record of 1.06.232 seconds. Farouk Tatanaki was really out of luck today finishing his race after the 2nd lap. The technical problems got the better of him again! Helmy Tatanaki, starting the final race in the 3rd position, zoomed into the first position among juniors with 1.05.556 seconds. Amin Soufrakis came 2nd showing record of 1.05.950 seconds. Hassan with his best time of 1.05.600 seconds during the second lap, though experiencing technical problems with his kart later, finished the 3rd. Though, according to overall points of the race, Amin Soufrakis is the first followed by Helmy Tatanaki and Hassan Soufrakis.